One message, a Thousand Voices

The new Türkiye brand and logo is now visible at international fairs thanks to the recent regulation that standardizes the fair concept of Turkish companies.

Since 2011, Türkiye is the leader in terms of numbers of trademark registration applications, states Mr. Erdo€an, President of Türkiye. This is a clear sign that Türkiye has changed its approach and understanding in certain fields in this decade, brand management being the most important. While Turkish brands began adapting to global standards and improving their brand value as individual cases, the country as aa whole was in need of an all-in-one brand, an umbrella, a binding and encompassing brand tool. This need was fulfilled by the launch of new Türkiye brand and logo: Türkiye, Discover the Potential.

It is clear that Türkiye, Discover the Potential was a result and consequence of a changing progress, as well as being the sign of a new era and understanding. Its predecessors, such as Turquality, have made good examples that government’s support and public awareness regarding brand management results in success stories. Especially after 2005-2006, good economic growth, stable fiscal environment and opening of new markets enhanced the branding process of Turkish companies. Competition always forces companies to make their products and services distinguishable amongst various rival counterparts. Turkish companies entered new markets and faced competition, this fork in the road gave two options: Either forsaking quality and implementing a China-like policy or embracing brand management and improvement and competing with global giants with a higher profitability and value added. Turkish companies chose the second and they found support from the state, this is why there is a boom in terms of total trademark registration applications after 2011.

However, as mentioned earlier, a tool to bind them all, contributed by and contributing to each component, a “medium” in which brands flourish by inheriting its values and environmental features was necessary. The new Türkiye brand, in this regard, has proven itself a successful project, encompassing all fruits of the previous era and marking the beginning of a new phase with a “leverage” effect.

Earlier attempts to create brands for various sub-elements of Turkish economy, for tourism or industrial promotion purposes had contributed for their part and played a positive role, however the number of different such brands created a dispersed outlook, decreasing the efficiency of the message. This new slogan “Discover the Potential” is the main message conveyed by the logo, and the logo, inherently represents all components, hence the various sub-symbols constituting it as a whole.

According to Mustafa Elitaş, Minister of Economy, promotional campaigns regarding new Türkiye brand reached 200 million people worldwide by the end of March 2016. In order to make the brand more visible, a fair concept and standard is presented by the brand monitoring committee. This new concept will standardize the appearance of Turkish brands in international fairs, enhancing them with its recognition and image, as well as increasing its own effectivity. A good solution to the dispersed outlook, the new Türkiye brand is steadily giving boost to all Turkish brands yearning to increase their competitiveness.