Age-old Story, Brand New Theme

Following the new campaign for the new Türkiye brand, The Monitoring Committee is ready to ensure that Türkiye’s message is conveyed to the globe.

Turkish Exporters’ Assembly at vanguard, the public & government collaboration had given birth to the new Türkiye brand and logo. Launched in the previous autumn, the logo and the brand quickly increased the pace of its steps and now reaching its cruise speed. This new phase in the brand’s evolution was marked by the grand event that launched the new promotional campaign, hosted by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly in Çırağan Palace on 25th December, attended by various leaders from government, NGOs and business world.

The brand’s vision at the event was reinforced as an all-encompassing communication tool. As the night the campaign launched promised several steps to fully functionalize and utilize the brand and the logo, the first implementations are visible at both home and abroad.

The brand, in general, conveys a message and tells a story, story of Türkiye and its people with its vast and diverse heritage. The story has always been there, cultivated, sophisticated and polished through ages, and it was high time to activate this potential, marking the New Türkiye Era. This required certain actions to be taken, and Türkiye is nowadays experiencing a nationwide awakening in this regard.

In order to tell the story, one must fully understand it himself, having faith in the story. One of the most crucial fundamental aspects of the campaign is this: Domestic promotion that standardizes the story’s outline in the collective conscious of all Turks, a perquisite in order the brand to function properly at abroad. For this purpose, a nationwide campaign is taking place; from city trams to billboards, booklets and inserts, TV and print media advertisements, a “brand awareness” is disseminated. Besides promotional campaigns aiming the foreign audience, a “culture” is spread thanks to daily person-to-person communications. If the story told by the new logo is embraced by all Turks, it will spread during face-to-face occasions with foreigners in various areas, which is hard to achieve, yet more effective than any other promotional tool.

Meanwhile, promotional campaigns at abroad are going with full throttle. An important communicational tool is Turkish Airlines. As Turkish Airlines is the “flag carrier” airline of Türkiye, this time the company literally fulfills its adjective, several planes used in international flights are coated with the new logo and its slogan, Türkiye, Discover the Potential, supplemented with patterns used in the logo design. The new brand’s main purpose was to create a “brand of brands”, a medium to which each brand of Türkiye contributes and a communicational tool that enhances all Turkish brands. In this regard, Turkish Airlines, being one of the most prominent and widely known Turkish brands and flag carrier of Türkiye, has taken the vanguard position. Other components of campaigns, advertising clips, inserts, print media advertisements are becoming more and more visible the progress is ongoing.

In order to ensure the message is conveyed healthily and effectively, a Monitoring Committee is established. Participants of the committee are the sign of the brand’s mission and vision: Representatives of all components of Türkiye, businessmen, experts, government officials, NGO leaders are all participating in and contributing to the committee. This will monitor the progress and make sure the whole operation goes in accordance with the communicational strategy, pioneered by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and envisioned by the top of the Turkish state and government, the Presidency, Prime Ministry and other members of the cabinet.

No doubt that this visionary approach, hardworking and sophisticated management and spirit of cooperation will result in a great success, activating the promising potential of Türkiye, which is nowadays twice important as the region needs a new role-model country to re-stabilize and integrate with the rest of the world.