Inviting the Globe to: Discover the Potential

Turkish Exporters’ Assembly announced a new campaign for the new Türkiye Brand, “Türkiye Discover the Potential” in an event held in Çırağan Palace, attended by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Following its launch in the previous autumn, the New Türkiye Brand has been visible at various locations and on diverse packages with its unique logo. Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Ministry of Economy were the vanguard of this new development in Türkiye’s economic understanding, which was immediately found support from Prime Ministry and even Presidency and eventually embraced by all components of Turkish economy; the government, NGOs and private sector.

In this regard, a new campaign is announced at an event on 25th December, hosted by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly under patronage of Ministry of Economy and with Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s contributions, in famous Çırağan Palace, Istanbul.

Turkish Exporters’ Assembly is not only a pioneer in spreading the innovative awareness, but also a pioneer in brand management. The new Türkiye brand and logo was an idea that was incubated in Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and eventually became a national project. The institution, in this regard, functions as a think-thank besides its conventional purposes.

A country brand is an innovative concept itself. It encompasses all communicational value a country has and turns it into a story. Mr. Büyükekþi, President of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, defined this as follows: “Türkiye: Discover the Potential is not the brand. What is a brand is Türkiye itself.” in his speech at the event.

Ahmet Davuto€lu, the Prime Minister of Türkiye, underlined the importance of the brand as an all-encompassing communication tool and said “Türkiye is now aware of its power, potential, geography, cultural heritage and economic dynamism. Now, with this new brand, we will tell our story to others, millions of people will share our story and continue writing it together with us”, inviting the people to not only discover the potential, but also to share it.

Mustafa Elitaþ, the Minister of Economy, also underlined that branding is important to attract new investors and stated that main goal is to create a perception that associate the turquoise color with Türkiye universally. Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mahir Ünal also emphasized that in order to attract tourists, such a promotional activity is necessary; and he revealed the new project of the ministry which features the brand and logo.

This campaign will make the second phase of the new Turkish brand. The first phase was to ensure that all components of Turkish government, economy and public opinion embraced the new logo, understanding and slogan. As it is now achieved, The Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Ministry of Economy, with support from Prime Ministry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as Turkish business people and institutions, took the initiative to take the brand to a new level.

As Türkiye is nowadays experiencing the initial phases of “New Türkiye”, a communicational tool to unite all components of Turkish economy in promotional terms was necessary, and this new Türkiye brand with its slogan serves for this purpose. This campaign is marking the start of the next phase to promote the brand especially in foreign countries.

In this phase, the awareness of the new brand in target countries will be the major focus. Several promotional activities, conferences, fairs, events, advertisings, PR campaigns will take place to make the new logo familiar with foreign eyes. Prominent Turkish brands, such as Turkish Airlines, are known to cooperate with the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly to promote the new logo. Efforts have already started, as series of advertising campaigns in several European and Middle Eastern countries, featuring newspaper ads, video clips and others, is already inviting people to discover the Turkish potential.

The campaign’s main strategy, as expected, is in a close correlation with Türkiye’s cultural and historical heritage. The new Türkiye concept that has evolved in the last decade, positions Türkiye as a role-model for especially the Middle Eastern countries. Türkiye’s image is a source of inspiration for these countries that have cultural and historical ties with Türkiye, in this regard, it is not a mere coincidence that first steps of the campaign are seen in these countries.

Moreover, there are economic reasons that set the primary targets for the campaign; Middle East and Europe. Following the 2008 global recession, exports to MENA countries enabled Türkiye to survive the crisis without being affected as much as other economies. In a similar manner, following the 2014 recession, exports to the EU market became vital for Türkiye. These two markets are the major trade partners for Türkiye, hence the campaign regards them with highest priority.