Becoming a National Sigil

Rapidly embraced by the private and public sectors, the new brand of Türkiye is officially under the supervision of the state. Türkiye Brand Monitoring Committee will be in charge of the further progress from now on.

Thc launching of the brand carried out with a wide range of participants.

The New Türkiye Logo with Discover the Potential motto which was launched in previous autumn with participation of President Erdo€an, many other ministers, Non-Governmental Organization and business world representatives, is now about to enter a new phase in order to function properly as “Turkish Natonal Brand”.

Started with now obsolote “Made in Türkiye” logo, the progress towards a new Türkiye brand had entered a new era, of which the first sign was the new Türkiye logo launch. The new Türkiye logo which was created by combining various patterns symbolizing Türkiye’s history and future, understanding and spirit, and the Discover the Potential motto, has found wide use in all areas from business to tourism, as soon as it was launched.

New Türkiye Logo, represents Türkiye with its unique design, color and approach, in a brand new form.As the dominant color is the turquoise, the color is a tribute to the sky-blue, the sacred color of ancient Turks, hence its name is Turquoise in many languages; symbolizing an adventure from Central Asia to Anatolia and Europe. Also, the color represents universality as it is the color of sky.The patterns that constitute the Türkiye text represent several concepts such as innovation and growth; as well as historical patterns such as Kufic, which influenced Turkish art for centuries.

The new Türkiye logo was born as a project of Turkish Exporters Assembly, to bring forth a new approach in terms of economy, communication, brand management and social understanding.In order to function properly, the logo was to be embraced by all, as President Erdo€an stated in his speech.

Türkiye Brand Monitoring Comittee was established to enable this and held first meeting in May under chairmanship of Ðbrahim Þenel, Ministry of Economy Undersecretary.Besides Ministry of Economy, Ministries of Science, Industry and Techonology, Foreign Affairs, Youth and Sports, Trade, Culture and Tourism, and Health are represented at or above director - general level.In addition to the ministries, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, ISPAT, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Yunus Emre Institute, Foreign Economic Relations Board, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye and Turkish Exporters’ Assembly are represented in the committee.

Similar to 2023 economic goals including $500 billion export volume goal, and National Innovation Strategy, we are at dawn of a project that was born in the collective conscious of the Turkish Exporters Assembly

This wide and diverse participation demonstrates that the Türkiye Brand has already made a good progress to become a national brand embraced by all, used and understood by all in economic, touristic, promotional and social activities.This participation of ministries guarantees the government support, and the presence of public institutions is a proof that this is not a temporary project of the government, but a long-term move of the state and nation collaboration, including all bureaucrats, politicians and representatives.

The committee’s main mission is to coordinate domestic and abroad activities regarding the new brand.Its main goal is to ensure the wide use of the logo and the motto in both domestic and abroad activities, as well as monitoring legal processes.

Similar to 2023 economic goals including $500 billion export volume goal, and National Innovation Strategy, we are at dawn of a project that was born in the collective conscious of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and quickly became a national one. $500 billion export volume goal had created other goals such as becoming one of the top ten economies and having $2 trillion GDP. National Innovation Strategy had been born as a consequence of Innovation Week activities of the last three years, which also became a governmental project quickly.

As the committee is authorized to invite representatives from the academy, private sector and NGOs, it has already started to weave a wide net around itself by integrating all components in an efficient way.After all, the new Türkiye Logo was born with collaboration between public institutions, the government and private sector, in the first place.Rising above three crucial pillars that establish the common order, the Türkiye Brand will strengthen its position thanks to the new committee and will evolve into a phenomenon that serves and functions perfectly for the country.