Masters of Change

Türkiye decided on its new brand as a result of widely participated and comprehensive works carried out. During the whole process, meetings were conducted with the most successful names of Türkiye; the final design and concept was chosen from dozens of proposals.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of The Republic of Türkiye

IT ALL STARTED TWO years ago. It was decided at the beginning of 2012 that a new logo or slogan containing a specific emphasis on Türkiye and to be used in the activities of sectorial promotion groups should be used and Turkish Exporters Assembly took charge of the process. Because the promotion groups which have important roles with regard to increase the reputation of Türkiye in the world has to have a common language. The common concept and logo to be created had to act like a brand undertaking the role of a “Supporting Brand”, had to be a brand of trust adding surplus value to all the brands affiliated to it and the logo was to be used as a common signature for the whole communication activities to be carried out by promotion groups in foreign countries.


And then the process was initiated. It was decided that the activities to be carried out for the creation of a logo would not only be a creative work but a “preception management strategy” including the application processes and campaigns. Nevertheless, a reliable consultant was required for this process. Meetings were conducted with the world’s leading agencies which carried out similar works worldwide; in addition to this, it was agreed that a comprehensive study on Türkiye rendering The Prime Ministry and all the ministries as well as NGO’s and the leading companies of Türkiye as stakeholders.

The new brand of the new Türkiye had to be overarching and had to be embraced by everyone involved in the creation of such a brand. As a result of the process, an agreement was signed with a London-based company, SAFFRON Brand Consultant; many opinion leaders were asked to present their opinion during the first phases. The consultants of SAFFRON coming from London and Spain as well as its Türkiye Office met more than 140 people in advance to initiate pre-preparation period.


In 2013, two comprehensive workshops were carried out in May and June. After these discussions which lasted for a year as well as eliminated ideas and designs, SAFFRON came up with a main theme reflecting the Turkish brands.

The emphasis here was on the ability to change, which was experienced throughout history, but which gained momentum especially in recent years. The country used to have a debt worth $46 billion to IMF, it was now offering a 5 billion dollar fund to IMF. Some of the local companies turned into international giants traded in international stock markets. Within this framework, “Masters of Change” was accepted as a main theme slogan. At a new meeting held in December, the slogan “Türkiye. DiscoverthePotential” was chosen to be used in visual alternatives.


This was a slogan which was easily comprehensible by everyone and which truly represented Türkiye and which could be used in all sectors, products and services. At the final decision meeting held on 18 December, the evaluations with regard to the visual identity were shared.

The logo of the new Türkiye brand was combining Türkiye’s cultural heritage of thousands of years with its vision on future. None of the elements used in the logo was chosen without a reason. The Turkish and Islamic Civilization was a huge source of inspiration for the design. Tile patterns, Cufic writing, which is the present of the Islamic calligraphy, and the traditional Turkish motif known as “Elibelinde” were selected as the main elements of the logo. A visual identity consisting of gold, turquoise and blue colours was designed. Turquoise became one of the important elements of the visual identity. The spiritual look of the East was combined with the contemporary artistic understanding of the West.