Launching The Brand

The debut was actually explaining the story of the new brand, as it was hosting the architects of the project. The very environment of the launch was the environment which has developed the brand.

The enthusiasm has started to build up early in the morning at Çiragan Palace Kempinski on September 28th. Just by the inspiring beauty of the Bosphorus, the place which is regarded by the world as the intersection of Eastern and Western civilizations, the new face of Türkiye en route to 2023 was going to be revealed. As "masters of change" started to attend to the event area one by one, a certain scent of enthusiasm became denser and denser.

The event hall was representing the gravitational center of the Turkish economy and politics with the exclusive guest list which includes President Recep Tayyip Erdo€an, Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ömer Çelik and many other prominent figures of Türkiye's economic growth from both private and public sector. It was not an ordinary gathering of top management that occurs occasionally but rather "the" meeting that was long-awaited and happening in the right time. Moreover, it was the togetherness which was introducing the new symbol of Türkiye to the world.

The hall was representing the synergy of Turkish economy and politics.

President of Tim, Mehmet Büyükekþi, delivered the opening speech. After saluting each and every person who shares the mission of telling Türkiye's story to the world, he addressed the harmony between political consistency and economic growth which was the backbone of Türkiye's transformation.

Büyükekþi underscored Türkiye's 2023 goals in the presence of the leaders of the economy and politics whom will achieve them together; to become one of the top ten economies in the world, increase export to 500 billion USD, reach to 25 thousand USD per capita income. He referred to the new profile of Türkiye as "not the hand that takes but the hand that gives" and called the world to "Discover the Potential".

In order to tell Türkiye's story to the world effectively, the innovation of communication materials was required. A new medium should take part in journey towards 2023. Emphasizing on Türkiye's urgent need of a new publicity initiative, Büyükekþi stated that "We had to either find a path or open a new one". He defined the forming of the brand as the first phase of a challenge which will be met, thanks to the synergy of all the contributors and participants of project. The second phase will be reaching out the Turkish community and friends of Türkiye in abroad and third phase will be including every partner and collaborator of Türkiye in the world.

Thus, the first official words that describe the new brand of Türkiye have been said by the President of TIM who was a protagonist of the story from the very first moment.

Ömer Çelik, Minister of Culture and Tourism, addressed the attendees following Mehmet Büyükekþi. He began his speech with a doctrine of Ðbn Khaldun; "geography is destiny". This destiny leads some countries to withdraw themselves from the world, on the contrary the ones which have good governance and visionary governments use its influence to advance and develop. Türkiye, as a country embraced its destiny and invigorated by it, has managed to become a brand in many aspects; a brand of foreign policy, a brand of democracy, a brand of tourism, a brand of economy.

The next eminent speaker was Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci. He stated that Türkiye meets all requirements to be the pioneer country. From this point of view, new Türkiye logo and the change it symbolizes is not a matter concerning Türkiye, but concerns all regions that have cultural ties with Türkiye. Kinship, lingual, cultural and religious ties Türkiye has forms up a net from Central Asia to North Africa, of which Türkiye constitutes the center. This is one of the main and most eminent dimensions that generates the potential of Türkiye.

The first president elected by popular vote in Türkiye's history, Recep Tayyip Erdo€an congratulated everyone who labored over project. He has appreciated the brand and gave his vote of confidence as he stated that he is assured of both Türkiye's and brands' potential: "Türkiye's economy and foreign politics are at the peaks of their strengths and both are advancing with pace. Türkiye is a potent country and aware of this fact. Now, the ones who had not yet discovered this potential, will discover it."

There was a similar story in recent history, as Recep Tayyip Erdo€an also mentioned. The change of Türkiye's currency was a result of an economic transformation and a new step towards raising an awareness; Turkish economy is on its way to take its rightful place among the largest economies in the world. It was highly regarded by the world and Turkish currency has improved its reputation and no problem of change has been experienced, thanks to the adaptability of Turkish people. The six zeros in currency were dropped with the inferior economic policies of the past.

Presentation of logo's components to the President of Turkish Republic

Türkiye is proud of its global brands, though in need of more of them. Recep Tayyip Erdo€an addressed to the brands which were able to rise despite the adverse economic environment of old times as "I congratulate and appreciate our global brands. But with its new potential which can set new horizons, Türkiye needs numerous new ones and I believe sincerely that we will achieve this goal, together." He concluded his speech with stating his trust in Turkish products which will carry the brand to all over the world.

The debut was actually an expression of the symbols which take place in the new Türkiye brand as it was representing the self-confidence and determination of Türkiye to become a brand. As Mehmet Büyükekþi underlined "Türkiye is the brand itself."

The brands' foundations lay in the last decade, an era of transformation for Türkiye. As Türkiye grew, it increased its production quality, global competitive power and reputation. In terms of the reading the birth of the brand, the first thing that should be analyzed is economic conjuncture which has put forth the need of a new brand.

The new Türkiye logo and brand represents a transition from passive economy model to an active one, as Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy states. Previously, although Türkiye's economy was developing and its wealth was increasing, somehow, and Türkiye was not one of the trendsetters of global market.

The world economics were dominated by "early winners", countries which seized the industrial revolution at the very beginning, established their industry and precessors of their market chains. These countries had been steering the global economy for a long while, shaping the market and setting the trends.

This fact was a bi-dimensional one, since marketing was not merely an economical phenomenon, as it involves culture and politics. Thanks to their early accession to the top of the new market system, these western countries influenced rest of the world culturally and politically, as well as benefiting economically. As the free market system evolved more and more sophisticated, the notion of marketing started to involve more in cultural themes. This phenomenon heavily affected other countries, as they imported products from these highly industrialized countries, and were exposed to their marketing campaigns, their culture, consumer behavior and habits were changed artificially under pressure of western dominance.

This status quo were surely going to be changed sooner or later. Türkiye, under guidance of the new approach, emerged as a pioneer to trigger a chain of events which will result in creating a new eco-cultural basin. This new eco-cultural environment would be based upon its own essentials, reinforced by its own resources and shaped by its own dynamics. In order to achieve this, the country that emerges to be the one to accomplish this must be suitable in aspects in various subjects.

When this potential is "activated", thus, Türkiye will benefit while redounding on other countries in its eco-cultural environment. This will enhance Turkish economy in a conventional sense, for instance, it will increase profit per kilogram rate as brand management and R&D usually do; yet the most thrilling aspect is that it will create another economical center of gravity around Türkiye, which will bestow eco-cultural independence and global representation to all countries share some level of kinship, lingual, religious or cultural background with Türkiye.

And the first step which has taken to raise a brand-awareness was a mere "Made in Türkiye" image which was formed more than two decades ago…

Türkiye is writing the first page of a new story. A story which will guide and invite the world to "Discover the Potential" of Türkiye.