Forming the Brand

"We realized that a common brand which would contribute to conducting the world's perception of Türkiye like an orchestra, was necessary."

The Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci was a leading actor in the process. With the notion of decision-maker of export, he was dedicated to create the brand of Türkiye which would represent the Turkish products in global markets. His contributions started from the very beginning whilst the brand was just a developing idea and went on until the day the brand has launched. Nihat Zeybekci evaluated the process and shared his expectation towards brand, with The Turkish Perspective.

The Minister of Economy, Nihat Zeybekci

You were leading the process of developing "Türkiye, Discover the Potential" in accordance with Turkish Exporters' Assembly. As one of the architects of the brand, how do you evaluate the process?

Until today, different corporations and institution have promoted our country with different logos, different mottos and different work structure. Different logos have been used and different messages were given in introductory groups, fairs, panels and cultural and touristic events.

Thus, we needed to increase the effect of the abroad advertisements and help create the same perception of our country in every corner of the world on our way to 2023 goals. We decided to specify a logo and/or a motto that will include a Türkiye emphasis, be used in advertisement activities in the 2nd meeting of Sectorial Publicity Groups Meeting which was held on 28th February, 2012.

We aimed this joint concept and logo to be a main brand that acts like a supporting brand, a trustworthy brand adding value to any brand that is a part of it. We planned this logo to be a signature under every international contact that is made by the publicity groups in foreign markets.

Forming of Türkiye Logo actualized under the supervision of the mentors of branding by bringing businessmen, industrialist, artists, academicians and any relative corporations and establishments together by the partnership of the Ministry of Economy and Türkiye Exporters Assembly.

The logo and motto ‘' Türkiye, Discover the Potential'' launched on 28th September, 2014 under the patronage of our President. Now, it is our turn to show the world the power of our industry and economy, the quality of our service sector, our human resources, our culture and our arts one more time, but more effectively. We are expecting to strengthen the perception of the Türkiye brand with this new logo and motto.

How do you define "potential" which takes place in motto?

The ‘'potential'' notion in the Türkiye Brand symbolizes our production capacity, economic power, unity, values, young and dynamic population, civilization, history, Anatolia's ancient history and newly realized potential after all these years of inertia. We wanted to express all our history, experience and acquisitions that fuel us towards our 2023 goals.

Türkiye is well recognized with its export and growth performance. How will the brand interact with Turkish economy's progress?

We are, as known, experiencing a period in which global indicators give signals of a slowdown, in other words a period in that the developing countries' growth performances decrease and developed countries' growth expectations are revised downwards. On the other hand, we are experiencing political problems and uncertainty in our region which includes significant export markets. Nonetheless, it is obvious that our country is displaying a quite successful economic growth performance, despite all those negative developments.

Every year, our export is increasing incrementally but to preserve this consistent growth, our firms should focus on export and investing in medium and advanced technology products which will procure the acceptance of innovative, R&D based, value added ‘'Turkish Product'' in whole world. Today in global trade, the prerequisite of success and competitive advantage is to apply these policies with consistency. I want to underline one more time that; we, as the Ministry of Economy, will always support our companies regarding their production, marketing, export and investments.

We are establishing the image of ‘'New Türkiye'' together as public and private sectors. I believe that recently launched ‘'Türkiye, Discover the Potential'' motto which symbolizes our common values, power and potential, is going to strengthen images of both Türkiye Brand and Türkiye itself.

What is the correlation between creating a national brand and marketing capability of Türkiye? How will it contribute the publicity and brand awareness?

As the result of forming a national Türkiye Brand in global scale, Türkiye's sphere of influence will expand through consumption networks and habits which are dominated by cultural patterns in the world. Türkiye will be able to utilize the potential of controlling consumption networks and designating consumption habits with the advantages of its vast cultural geography which almost completely shares the same belief, same culture and same language under one logo and motto.

Today, the vast region we identify as our cultural geography includes Europe, Central Asia, the Middle-East, the Balkans, Caucasia and Africa is very important for Türkiye with their population, trade volume and the possible opportunities. These areas consist of 1 billion people and their consumption habits are similar. Our target is to form close, strong and permanent bonds on the win-win base, grounding on our commercial and economic relations with the countries that are in our cultural geography. The motto ‘'Türkiye, Discover the Potential'' will have a key role which will strengthen the image of Türkiye and contribute greatly to the studies I said.

What are your projections about the contribution of the new brand to Türkiye and Turkish companies? What is the relation between branding and high value added products export?

We can see the positive contributions of our export, with the effect of the recovery of the foreign demand in the last period. In order to keep the export-based growth strong, our companies need to bring forth their export-based growth strategies and widen their export markets with high value added, innovation-oriented and branded products. 2023 Türkiye Export Strategy shows the path that our export will take for the next decade. Our priorities are to minimize the fragile points of the current economy, utilize the production factors more effectively, improve the investment climate and transform our export by establishing an innovation and R&D oriented manufacturing environment in order to increase our export unit value. It is important to increase the share of our advanced technology product export from 3% to 15%. We will achieve this goal by manufacturing value added product and export which involves elegant design, high technology and effective brand management.

The Ministry of Economy is responsible for the integrity and strengthening of every link of the value chain which is formulized as investment-employment-production-export. We are developing export, and focus on employment and technologic transition with the successful incentive system we established. We are especially minding the publicity and exporting of the products to increase the added value of export. In this context, we support our firms that have the potential to become a world-wide brand by strengthening them. We believe Türkiye brand will uplift our firms and aid them to become global brands themselves. In this aspect, the TURQUALITY program, run by Ministry of Economy, will continue its way more powerfully with Türkiye brand.

I believe that only the entrepreneurs who focus on quality, invest in R&D and increase productivity by automation and progress can achieve to create permanent brands. We proudly see Turkish brands in world's most prominent markets, now. There are Turkish companies whose export to Germany, Russia, England, U.S.A., Turkic Republics, North Africa, Far East and Middle East increased over 100% and they enable us to look ahead more courageously.

The new brand is influenced by Türkiye's economic development. As Türkiye grew, so did its need for a common brand to promote Turkish products in the every market of the world.