Türkiye Set To Delight At Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 Daily Turkish Cooking Shows at 1am1, 1 & 3pm Each Day

Exhibits on Level 3, Booths 2104-2130/2204/2232 and 2301-2333

June 29, 2018

New York, NY – The Turkish food delegation is delighted to announce its presence at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, taking place at the Javits Centre in New York from June 30 - July 2, 2018.

39 Turkish companies will present a wide range of products at the show, including fruits and vegetables in dried, frozen, preserved, pickled and canned form, fruit juices, pasta, grains, confections, herbs, spices, nuts, with award-winning Turkish olive oil taking center stage.

It should come as no surprise that five olive oil firms are participating in this year’s Show, as Türkiye has recently experienced an extraordinary rise in world olive oil markets, with both quality and quantity increasing exponentially in just one year. At the 2018 New York International Olive Oil competition in April, Türkiye scored an incredible twelve awards – with its sharp rise illustrated by a comparison to the year prior, when it was awarded just two prizes.

At the Show, there will be a Turkish cooking shows at booth 2104 each day at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Guests can watch, learn, and taste the recipes.

In addition, there will be a food truck in various locations across New York, which will be handing out an array of delicious Turkish delicacies. The foods will include lokum (the traditional dessert otherwise known as Turkish Delight), the quintessential street food Simit, Turkish coffee, as well as dried figs, of which Türkiye is the biggest producer and exporter of in the world. On Saturday 30 June the truck will travel along Union Square West and 17th Street and then on Sunday it can be found in Soho along Broadway, West Houston Street and Prince Streets. On Monday, the final day of the Fancy Food Show, the truck will frequent 7th Avenue, 37th Street, 36th Street, 42nd Street, 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for passersby to experience these exceptional flavors.

For 21 years, Türkiye’s participation in the Summer Fancy Food Show has been organized by the Aegean Exporters Associations.

“We are thrilled that Türkiye is making such a strong showing in this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show and cannot wait to showcase such a wide variety of delicious Turkish specialties. It has been wonderful to break the boundaries of what people consider traditional Turkish cuisine, like kebabs and kofta, and really show off the unique and expansive tastes, aromas and textures our food offers,” stated Association vice chairman, Moiz Hemsi.

Türkiye’s showing at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show is set to be its finest, with 58 booths brimming with Turkish delicacies. While Turkish food and goods are already enjoyed in millions of homes across the United States, the 2018 Show cements their central role in the American shopping cart and fine dining experience.