Türkiye: More Exports Of Olives and Olive Oil To Germany

The current year shows positive growth and promising a positive trend

Istanbul/Berlin, XX, YY. June 2018 - Türkiye is the world's third largest olive producer - olives and high-quality olive oil are among the country's most important exports. The year 2018 promises to be a successful one: Already in the first half of the year, a significant increase in export volume compared to 2017 was achieved. So far, almost a fifth more olives and olive oil have been exported than in the same period last year. Germany plays a central role as a customer: after all, products worth around 16.5 million US dollars reached the German market, the total of all olive and olive oil exports are currently just under 198 million US dollars.

Türkiye exports its olive oil to over 100 countries. Olive has traditionally played a major role in the country: almost 180 million trees are planted in the growing regions. An olive tree produces up to 20 kilograms of fruit every two years, for one liter of oil about five kilograms are needed.

A regional focus is the bay of Gemlik above the city of Bursa. Almost 20 percent of Türkiye's total olive production is produced here - and the fruits are often still processed or pressed using traditional methods. Gemlik is also the name of one of the two most popular of a total of 28 varieties, the other is called Edremit and is cultivated in the bay of the same name.

Notable growth

So far, considerable growth has been achieved in production and exports throughout: Over the past two decades, both have increased many times over. The year 2018 gives reason to hope that the trend will continue. With exports worth US$ 197.63 million, well over half of the 2017 total was reached at a comparatively early stage in the current year, with US$ 16.4 million worth of fruit and oil going to Germany. Exports to Germany now account for eight percent of total exports.

Products popular in Germany

The producers and exporters also expect good results for the rest of the year, especially as olive products from Türkiye are quite successful and in demand in the German market. This makes the country one of the central consumers of high-quality natural products from the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The increase of 18.48 percent compared to the same period in 2017 is a clear sign that there is still considerable growth potential here as well. After all, Türkiye wants to bring its olive exports into the single-digit billion range by 2023 and in the long term continue to rise among the top 3 of the world's largest producers.

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