Mostra Convegno Expo 2018

ISIB (Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Association), representing more than 900 companies of the industry, will have a dedicated stand to connect Turkish and Italian professionals of the field and present opportunities for bilateral business

Italy confirmed as key market for Turkish HVAC-R sector; 3rd country with the most HVAC-R imports from Türkiye, after China and Germany

MILAN, January 19, 2018—The HVAC-R sector trade volume between Italy and Türkiye reaches nearly 1 billion USD each year, with Italy taking the 3rd place in HVAC-R imports from Türkiye, after China and Germany.

The numbers are representative of Italy’s significant value for Türkiye in the industry, which is the third most-important export market for Turkish HVAC-R exports.

ISIB will be present at Mostra Convegno Expo 2018 with a dedicated booth, with the objective to encourage networking between Turkish and Italian professionals of the field and identify business opportunities in the Turkish market, which has witnessed exponential growth in recent years.

Heating Systems and Equipments recorded the highest portion of Turkish HVAC-R exports, with 38% market share. Plumbing Systems and equipment have 23% share, Air Conditioning Systems and Equipments 18%, and Ventilation Systems and Equipments 12%.

“Italy takes 3rd place in HVAC-R imports of Türkiye, after China and Germany. At the same time, Italy takes 3rd place in Turkish HVAC-R Exports after Germany and United Kingdom, with Türkiye’s total amount of exports to Italy in HVAC-R Sector equal to 173 millon USD in 2017 with a 25% increase compared to last year. These statistics indicate the importance of Italy in HVAC-R sector. Mostra Convegno Expo is not only important because of the strength of the Italian HVAC-R Market, but it also represents opportunities to increase foreign trade between our countries. Thus, we are eager to improve our relations with MCE in the long term,” said Mr. Poyraz, Chairman of Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Union.

About Turkish Exporters Assembly

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Istanbul, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) leads Türkiye’s group of 70,000 exporters present in 26 different industries in which export records are maintained. The Turkish Exporters Assembly conducts foreign trade transactions and is the umbrella organization of 60 exporter associations throughout the region and sector-wide, divided into 13 different sub-groups.