ISM Hazelnuts

ISM trade fair in Cologne a great success for Turkish exhibitors +++ 43 national and 37 individual companies of the Turkish confectionery industry present at the trade fair +++ Türkiye among the world's top 20 countries in the export of sugar products +++ Global market leader in hazelnuts and hazelnut products +++ 2017 Export of hazelnuts and hazelnut products to Germany worth USD 437.6 million (EUR 352.6 million)

Cologne, 31 February 2018

For the 18th time already, Türkiye and its associations took part in the international confectionery fair ISM, which took place from 28 to 31 January in Cologne. Türkiye is one of the ten largest confectionery producers and exporters in Europe and ranks among the top 20 countries worldwide. Sweets and chocolate products were presented in the biscuit and snack category with 43 national and 37 individual company holdings.

In the confectionery and snacks sector, Türkiye achieved an export volume of USD 6.37 billion in 2017. In comparison to the previous year, exports increased further, so that Turkish sweets and snacks are now being delivered to 140 countries. The most important competitors in this segment are Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In order to further increase exports of sugar-containing products, even more focus will be placed on other markets in the future. These include Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, but also African countries.

The production and export of hazelnuts has a long history.

Natural products play a central role in the Turkish economy. The climatically conveniently located country with its distinct seasons makes it possible to grow a large number of fruits and nuts. In particular, the cultivation of hazelnuts has a decisive influence on agriculture in certain provinces and regions.

Hazelnut production in Türkiye has a long history: Hazelnut bushes have been planted, cultivated and harvested here for around 600 years. Today, the area under cultivation is around 700,000 hectares nationwide. Every year, between 600,000 and 700,000 tonnes are harvested, of which at least a good third is exported. Around four million people live directly or indirectly from the cultivation of hazelnuts.

The world's largest producer of hazelnuts

The main cultivation area lies between the 40th and 41st degree of latitude as well as the 37th and 42nd degree of longitude, the regional focuses are almost exclusively in the Black Sea - where hazelnuts were first cultivated in the history of mankind. Today, Türkiye grows its nuts in 33 provinces, most of them in Sakarya, Giresun, Düzce, Samsun and Trabzon. The variety of varieties is also very diverse: the 16 traditionally cultivated varieties are gradually being joined by others, not least on the initiative of the hazelnut research institute in Giresun. However, the focus is on the varieties Tomboul and Sivri.

This makes Türkiye the world's largest producer and exporter of hazelnuts. More than 60 companies are active in exports, more than 200 companies process the nuts locally. Türkiye exports its hazelnuts to almost 100 countries; Germany and the EU are among its most important customers. Around 85 percent of total exports go to the EU, almost half of which are delivered to Germany alone. The value of the exported nuts amounted to USD 437.6 million (EUR 352,6 million). In the financial year 2016/2017, Türkiye exported a total of more than 235,000 tons of nuts.

About TİM (Turkish Exporters Assembly)

Established in 1993 and headquartered in Istanbul, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) leads Türkiye’s group of 70,000 exporters present in 26 different industries in which export records are maintained. The Turkish Exporters Assembly conducts foreign trade transactions and is the umbrella organization of 60 exporter associations throughout the region and sector-wide, divided into 13 different sub-groups.