Significant Growth in Turkish Automotive Sector: Italy Confirmed as Key Player

As one of the world’s top automotive producers and exporters, Türkiye is forecasted to reach over $27 billion in automotive exports in 2017, according to data from Turkish Exporters Assembly

Italy among top export markets for Türkiye, with automotive exports to Italy increasing by 49% in 2016, totaling $2.8 billion

MILAN, November 16th, 2017— Data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) indicate significant growth in the Turkish automotive sector in recent years, confirming Italy as a key export market.

Türkiye is listed as the world’s 14th top global automotive producer, producing 1,485,927 units in 2016 and moving up three spots from its 2014 ranking at No. 17. In 2017, the total production capacity for motor vehicle manufacturers in Türkiye is 1.9 million units.

In Europe’s 28 member countries, Türkiye is the 5th top automotive producer and leading producer of commercial vehicles, producing 6.8% of all vehicles manufactured in the region. The country is also the 7th top producer of passenger cars in Europe.

Türkiye’s leadership in the industry is also apparent by its performance in exports, which make up 77% of its total automotive production. Türkiye’s advanced supplier network is made up of 4,000 exporter SME’s, 200,000 employees and 200 foreign investors, which contributed to $9 billion in exports in 2016. In the same year, the total value of automotive exports in Türkiye, from both Turkish OEMs and suppliers, reached $23.9 billion (1.486.000 production units; 1.141.000 export units). In 2017, Turkish export growth in the industry is forecasted to reach over $27 billion (1.650.000 production units; 1.350.000 export units).

Turkish Automotive Exports to Germany and Europe

Türkiye exports to 190 countries, with 79% of its total automotive exports destined to EU-28 countries. Germany is Türkiye’s largest single export market, with a 17% share of Türkiye’s total exports worldwide. Other top export markets include Italy (12% share); France (10%); UK (9%); Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Poland (31%); and non-EU countries, such as the United States, which make up the remaining 21% of Türkiye’s total export share.

“In recent years, Türkiye has substantially increased its foothold in the global automotive sector, both in terms of production and exports,” said Orhan Sabuncu, Chairman of Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Union (OIB). “Germany has historically been one of our key partners in the industry, and continues to be an important export market for Türkiye. Moving forward in 2017 and beyond, we intend to increase this exceptional growth and continue facilitating market access to German and European companies.”

Turkish Automotive Exports to Italy (Million USD)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017*
1.714 1.709 1.763 1.871 2.787 2.317

Source: Turkish Exporters Assembly
*January- September

Turkish Automotive Imports from Italy (Million USD)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017*
910 975 969 1.021 985 597

Source: Turkish Statistical Institute – HS Code 87
*January- August

Turkish Automotive Exports to Italy by Product Group (Million USD)

2015 2016 16/15 Chg. %
Passenger Cars
Vehicles for Transport of Goods
Automotive Supplier Industry 557.425.004 572.912.677 3
Road Tractors for semi-trailers

Source: Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM)