“Potential Of Design” Will Be Spoken All Over Istanbul

Design Week Türkiye 2017, organized in cooperation with Ministry of Economy and TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly), will take place November 8-12 at Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibit Complex. This year’s theme of the event is “Potential of Design”.

Design is an integral part of innovation. Within this context, it is the one of the principal pillars of growth and development.

Vigorously containing a large span of sectors such as health to education, economics to service, design has the utmost potential to differentiate oneself to become competitive and successful.

Organized with the cooperation of Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Assembly, Design Week Türkiye carries this potential, making it a focus of Türkiye in November. On November 8th, Design Week Türkiye opening its doors with various workshops, exhibits and events, bringing Istanbul to the limelight of worldwide design inquisitives.

Gathering independent designers with design offices, young talents with manufacturers, professionals with design followers in various fields such as furniture design, fashion, graphic design, and lighting, this year’s theme of the event is determines as “Potential of Design”.

“Design Week Türkiye, a 6.000 square-meter fair playing host to over 100 leading designers and professionals from countries across the globe, 19 design exhibits and installations, is becoming an important point of reference for Türkiye’s emerging presence on the global design scene,” said Mehmet Büyükekşi, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly. “We are proud to be a part of this important event to support and showcase the talents in art, design and creative innovation our nation has to offer the world. Design Week Türkiye, an increasingly important global platform for design and innovation, is becoming even more attractive for the Italian market. This year, the fair is hosting several Italian professionals in the field and we are confident this number will increase in years to come, given Italy’s leading position in the global design market.”

This year Design Week Türkiye, within the context of “Potential of Design” hosts Finland. The participants will join presentations and informative talks about topics of Design – Economic Relationship, Visual Communication and Fashion Design, Industrial Design.

Design workshops will gather young designers from various universities of Türkiye, design students invited from abroad and designers working in different fields in one platform.

Exhibits within Design Week Türkiye will accommodate Turkish and foreign artists and designers working on various realms.

Design Week Türkiye, taking place November 8-12, 2017, will be the highlight of the city for 5 days, emphasizing design with its brand new, inspiring exhibits, workshops and projects from a wide variety of design fields.