A Society With Dreams of Enterpreneurship

Having formed a strong base from which to sprint, Türkiye has set its new goal to become one of the world's 10 largest economies. Now Türkiye is working to reach a size of 2 trillion dollars, to increase the national per capita income over 25,000 dollars and to increase the foreign trade volume to 1.2 billion dollars. And it has a serious ambition and excitement for this: Entrepreneurship!

Since the 50s, the private sector has grown steadily and has reached a significant fund and volume. The weight of the public, which is very significant in the economy, also shifted to the private sector. Today, 4 out of 5 investments in the country are made by the private sector. Turkish business people have also developed their talent, virtue and skills over the years. This ability is nowadays combined with the excitement of the younger generation.

The interest in entrepreneurship is growing in Türkiye, where more than half of the 80-million population is under 35 years of age. At the same time, the number of enterprises is also booming.

One of the most important grounds for confidence in the future of Türkiye is its people's natural perseverance that allow them to survive even in the most difficult conditions. The entrepreneurs carrying the genes of the people of this land, who have gone through many struggles in Anatolia over centuries, manage to survive and develop despite many economic crises and instability. Therefore, the return ability of Türkiye's economy is very high.

The first trade center of the world was founded in Çatalhöyük 9 thousand years ago. The money first appeared in Lydia on the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia. The first banking applications of history were developed in Phrygia. Kanesh-Karum in Kayseri was a region where all the instruments of trade were used thousands of years ago. The Turkish business world is ready to bring new initiatives not only to the country but also to the whole world with the influence of these experiences filtered through centuries.