Building The World

Have you heard that 43 of the world's top 250 international contracting companies are Turkish? This means that one in every five major construction companies in the world is Turkish.

Turkish contractors who have important investments and machine parks in nearly all regions around Türkiye, especially Russia, the Middle East, the Balkans and North Africa have a very high potential to get more turnkey projects and create higher added value in the new period.

6 of 10 mega projects still being carried out or completed in the world recently are in Türkiye. Türkiye, aiming to be one of the world's 10 largest economic powers in the near future, is performing mega projects one after the other, each consisting infrastructure and superstructure investments of billions of dollars.

About 200 billion dollars of construction investment have been made in Türkiye in the last 15 years. Anatolian cities are being connected to each other by bridges, highways, divided roads and high-speed train lines. The north and south of the country are being united with new corridors.

The openings of mega projects such as Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel are still on minds. The first phase of the 3rd international airport, which will be the largest in the world with 150 million passenger capacity, is going to be opened on 29th October 2018.

The Çanakkale Bridge, which is planned to be completed in 2023 which is the 100th anniversary of the Republic, and which will be the longest in the world in terms of the distance between the towers, will connect Anatolia to the world at a lower cost and will be an important crossroads for the global trade.