Expanding Into The World and Learning From The World

We talked about how Türkiye combined its manufacturing capabilities with R&D and innovation investments, and how it exports to the most important brands in the world.

All these steps are a learning process for the Turkish business world that is always developing. Türkiye is becoming integrated with the world through its different sectors; learning from the bests of the world and reinterpreting what it has learned with its own skills.

Turkish business people with a dynamic structure have gone a step further at this point. Türkiye's industrialists and traders are expanding their production and marketing networks into the neighboring countries and regions. Even, to the whole world...

Some are manufacturing in the USA, and some are establishing factories in Mexico. And another Turkish company is operating a mine in South Africa.

Today, more than 10,000 Turkish companies have opened a representative office and established strategic partnerships abroad. Not only the big companies in Istanbul, but also thousands of entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Anatolian cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Adana, Denizli and Mersin are expanding their business networks with the world every year.