R&D and Innovation

Türkiye, making a move to become a solid part of the global value chain, gravitates towards technological development and R&D.

In recent years, 52 techno-cities, most of which are supported by universities, have been put into operation. R&D, technology transfer center, incubation center and qualified investments began to increase in these places. R&D expenditures, which were about 3-4 billion dollars in early 2000s, increased by more than four-fold to 16 billion dollars.

Today, there are over 600 R&D centers in Türkiye. Nearly 100 of these belong to global companies from Siemens and Cisco to Unilever and Renault. Ford's R&D center in Türkiye is the 3rd largest center of the company at the global level. Fiat's R&D center in Bursa is the only center of the company that serves the European market except for Italy. Samsung established its R&D center in 2015 and its innovation center in 2016 in Istanbul Technopark.

The business world, which was not very active in technology production and research and development, has rapidly turned to this field with the incentives provided recently. Türkiye's first goal is to reach 1,000 R&D centers in all corners of Türkiye.

In the Global Innovation Index, Türkiye was 74th among 142 countries in 2012. In the 2015 index including 144 countries, it ranked 58th. In 2017, it moved 15 ranks up and reached 43rd place among "the world's most innovative countries." Türkiye ranks fourth among the middle-income countries in the ranking of Global Innovation Index.