Strategic Location

Maybe you have never been to Türkiye, but you must have surely heard that the country is located in a very special region, right in the center of the world, connecting East and West. There is no other city in the world like Istanbul, being located both in Asia and Europe.

It is a given that the geographical location provides Türkiye with important advantages. Türkiye is within just a 4-hour flight distance to 1.5 billion people and to an economy of over 20 trillion, from the Fiords to the Red Sea, and from the Urals to Gibraltar. Many global giants have chosen Türkiye as their production and management base due to this position of Türkiye.

Being in the customs union with the European Union, Türkiye has Free Trade Agreement with 27 countries. This means direct access to a market of 1 billion in total. Türkiye's strategic location strengthened with agreements will make Türkiye even more attractive in the coming years.

Strategic location is important, but today, Türkiye, for the first time, has entered a period in which it is important not because where it is located, but because what it builds on these lands. Türkiye has become a regional power and an important center of attraction.

World’s logistics base

Türkiye has become a regional base in the logistics, the domestic market size of which is above 50 billion dollars. It is by far the largest in Europe in road transport. A significant breakthrough has been made in maritime sector with the fleets created in the last 40 years. According to World Bank data, Türkiye ranks 34th among 160 countries in terms of logistics performance.

In the next years, Türkiye will continue to reap the benefits of investments it has made in this field. The new ports put into operation and the ones under construction are going to increase the sea trade. Türkiye is making a major breakthrough in the port operations, just like it is in the air transport. Today, the world's number one operator in the cruiser port management is a Turkish company.

The logistics industry, which will be supported with the increased investment in the railway networks, will maintain its growth for many years, when Türkiye's geographical advantages are also considered. Türkiye's location, which is an important trade and energy bridge connecting East and West, will gain further importance in world economy in the future, when China's project of reviving the historic Silk Road is also considered.

Increasing the share of rail freight logistics - which is considered a significant deficiency in Türkiye's logistics - in the total from 10% to 20% will support the country's domestic and foreign trade.

All of these will be completed with the breakthrough in the aviation. Flying to the biggest number of destinations in the world in international passenger transport, Türkiye, with its fleet of 750 aircrafts, will be one of the world's most important players in civil aviation.