Incentive Systems

Türkiye, which has one of the world's most ambitious investment incentive systems, gives the same rights and obligations to the international investors coming to invest in the country as the ones given to domestic investors.

The amount of direct investment coming to Türkiye in the last 15 years has exceeded 190 billion dollars, in line with the favorable incentive systems. Türkiye has been in the position of the country which attracts the most direct investment in West Asia since 2012.

Türkiye, attracting foreign direct investment of 12 billion dollars per year on average, has not disappointed anyone who trusts and believes in themselves, and makes investment. Perhaps as an indication of this, the number of companies with an international capital, which was around 5,000 in the early 2000s, is over 50,000 today.

However, the country does not consider this level sufficient. It is not content with its rank as the 60th in World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index. In this context, Türkiye announced that its target is to reach the first 20 as soon as possible.