Türkiye’s Signature Products

It wasn't so long but only 30 years ago that Türkiye was in the position of the farmer of the global village. Now it has improved things. 30 years ago, the country had only a single product with a high share in the village market. Today, there are 17 different products on which Türkiye has a say in the global market.

With its industrial infrastructure in addition to a strong services sector, Türkiye has the ground and potential to support its growth. It is one of the countries with the most powerful industrial infrastructure in the region.

The first Organized Industrial Zone for organized industrialization and quality production was established in 1961 in Bursa. Today, there are 311 Organized Industrial Zones managed by entrepreneurs. Moreover, there are 18 Free Zones for manufacturers who target the international market by operating outside the customs frontier.

In many international analyses, Türkiye is positioned as "the country with the highest production power and efficiency" in terms of capacity and technology in the region stretching from Italy to the Great Wall of China. This position is compatible with Türkiye's goal to be the manufacturing base for medium and high-tech products in Eurasia.

The productive Türkiye holds a share of over 35% in woven carpet and over 20% in reinforcing bar in the world. The industrial products manufactured by Türkiye and in which Türkiye is among the 10 largest exporters in the world, cover nearly 20 products from T-shirts and undershirts to refrigerators, from ceramics to buses, and from marble to home textile. New ones will be added to these in the next 20 years.

Unlike yesterday, business people produce with a focus not only on the domestic markets, but also on foreign markets. Thus, Türkiye has become able to export to 220 countries and customs areas. One in every four televisions and one in every five white goods used in Europe are produced in Türkiye. The share of Turkish products in world markets is increasing.