Young Population’s Gift To The Business World: Agility

Turkish business world's ability to adapt to rapid change periods is high. So is its level of flexibility.

As the global business world enters a new era with the concepts of digital revolution and Industry 4.0, having a high adaptability and agile business culture is a real advantage in terms of competition. This is a great opportunity for both Türkiye itself and its partners.

The success achieved in adapting to new trends by the entrepreneurs in Türkiye, even by the most traditionalist ones in terms of worldview and lifestyle, gives dynamism to the economy and creates hope for the future. This momentum is strengthened by the dynamism of the population under the age of 35, who starts to work each passing day. Türkiye is both changing and creating change.

The ability to move quickly is one of the major advantages of business people in Türkiye compared to many of their competitors. This feature places Türkiye in a more valuable and important position compared to the economies with an industrial tradition of many years. Having realized that only those who are fast in thought, design, decision making, production and marketing can survive in the new era, our business people take the necessary measures in advance. This ability is also reflected in Türkiye's global partners.