Selimiye – Pure hospitality on the Aegean coast of Türkiye

Selimiye is one of those villages in the vicinity of Marmara that have retained their unspoilt character. It welcomes visitors with open arms offering its untouched nature, shady trees and glistening, blue sea.

The tourist resort of Marmaris attracts visitors with long beaches, swanky hotels and a buzzing shopping scene and nightlife. If you love the beauty of the Aegean but want some peace and quiet, you don’t have to stray far: the unspoilt fishing village of Selimiye is around 40 km by car, an insider’s tip for those who look for relaxation in a beautiful landscape. You don’t have to be afraid of crowds; six years ago just over 1.000 people were living there.

Nonetheless, tourists can find everything they need there: stylish hotels and guest houses, an idyllic location in a protected bay with crystal-clear water and enchanting natural surroundings. Restaurants offer excellent cuisine for all palates; especially the sea food and fish dishes will convince every gourmet. If you want to do some shopping, there are several shops in Selimiye and in the evening you can relax in a piano bar.

Paradise for sailing and diving

Selimiye is situated in the Gulf of Hisarönü between the Bozburun and Datça peninsulas in the Aegean Sea, not far from the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi. There are many idyllic coves on this stretch of the coast which are inaccessible from land. That is why sailors were the first to discover this paradise for themselves. Many restaurants consequently have piers where skippers can moor. Friends of the underwater realm will also get their full fill as there are many exclusive diving spots off the coast which can be accessed from Selimiye by joining a diving cruise. During the summer traditional Gulet boats make port in Selimiye. These wooden yachts offer levels of comfort in their cabins that are equal to those found in hotel rooms. In antiquity Gulets were used for sea trade, but today’s Gulets are usually motor-powered and rather than transporting amphorae with wine or oil, have thrill-seeking tourists onboard.

Ancient history and nature’s bounty

Around Selimiye 5.000 years of history have left their traces. The ruins of Loryma, an ancient city founded in the 7th century B.C. which was excavated by the German archaeologist Winfried Held, are located on the southern tip of the Bozburnu peninsula and can be reached by boat. The mouth of the Loryma bay is dominated by an over 300 m long and 30 m wide mighty fortress, the sea-facing wall of which stands up to 8 m tall and is still in a remarkably good condition.

In the vicinity of Selimiya, the 11 km far bee-keeper village of Bayir is a popular destination for day trips. On the east coast the village of Çiftlik offers a beautiful beach, while Bozburnu, which is about 9 km by car from Selimiye and is located on the west coast of the peninsula that bears its name, recommends itself as a destination for an evening trip – the fish restaurants have a good reputation. Orhaniye Bay, which is north of Selimiye, can be crossed on food via a sandbank, and close to the village of Turgut an imposing waterfall gushes from the mountains.

Selimiye is worth a trip in every season – even in winter, the temperatures are around a mild 15 degrees. Pleasant hotels, rental apartments, guest houses and country estates await the relaxation-seeking traveller who values tranquillity and beauty as well as nature and good food.