Rolls-Royce to carry out R&D in Türkiye

The British automotive and aviation giant Rolls- Royce is slated to make a huge investment in Türkiye. With plans to carry out its R&D operations in the country, Rolls-Royce is set to build its eighth Advanced Production and Technology Centre.

Owner and co-founder Henry Royce laid the foundations of the space, energy, and aviation mammoth group of companies with his intelligence and perseverance, turning them into an organisation that has been growing on a colossal scale since 1906. Following two decades of machine production experience, Rolls-Royce kept up with advancing technology and began manufacturing cars along with development of the automotive industry. Rolls-Royce has forged ahead with great achievements each day, always bearing in mind the mission of “making the world’s best and most prestigious automotive,” set out by the founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, and maintaining its stance in accordance with this principle. Today, Rolls-Royce remains a gargantuan global company in jet engines and energy systems. It announced plans to speed up investments in Türkiye in line with the revelations it made in 2015. Rolls-Royce Türkiye CEO Patrick Regis pointed to the countless projects slated for Türkiye by 2023. “For us, Türkiye is the fourth priority market, following China, India, and the Far East based on its capabilities ranging from technology transfer to production,” he said. After signing a protocol at the end of last year, officials came together with the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology once again to explain the details of the technology centre slated to be built in Türkiye. The British giant shared its plans to move its aviation R&D operations to the country, deciding on it as the place to build its eighth Advanced Production and Technology Centre, following the UK, the US, and Singapore.

The eighth centre in Türkiye

The Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology made a move to carry through with the collaboration agreement signed with Rolls-Royce in December 2015, and the work is picking up speed. Rolls-Royce had originally planned to follow through with the work to build the eighth Advanced Production and Technology Centre in collaboration with the Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Türkiye (TUBITAK), an affiliate of the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, which strives to encourage, direct, and promote science and technology in the country.