Air blowing from Türkiye

Human beings have had quite a struggle since the beginning to develop ways to warm up and cool down. Today, the HVAC-R industry is more essential than ever.

For primitive humans, climatisation began with setting fires. It was Leonardo da Vinci who came up with the first air conditioning project, just as he did with many other technologies used today. The hydro system he developed is known as the first ever fan in history. The first device that emulated the function of air conditioning in its current form was designed and built by Willis H Carrier in 1902. The air conditioners we use today have been around since the 1950s, which are starting to be considered as a necessary item for a high-quality and healthy life. The HVAC-R industry strives for a more comfortable and hygienic air quality in indoor spaces, where we spend 90 per cent of our time.

A major industry

The world has entered into a transformation process with the transition from the 20th to the 21st century, and global warming and environmental impact are the main effects felt in this. During this time of transformation, the need for air conditioning science has risen gradually, to provide comfortable living conditions. Individuals are investing more to attain these comfortable living conditions with rising consumer awareness and per capita income. In parallel with global developments, the HVAC-R industry is continuously gaining more importance in Türkiye with products made by the industry in great demand throughout the world.

The Turkish HVAC-R industry consists of the main groups of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, and installation system and components. The HVAC-R industry symbolises quality in Turkish export products, it is surging ahead in both domestic and international markets by turning global warming into an advantage. The industry is growing stronger in competition each day, thanks to its highly organised non-governmental organisations, global companies operating through the world, qualified and young workforce, R&D efforts, and national and international investments. Türkiye possesses its own air conditioning brands and also manufactures for international brands. Thousands of companies in the Turkish HVAC-R industry are forging ahead. Exports by these companies totalled $3.7 billion in 2015. Germany, the UK, Iraq, Russia, and Romania were the top buyers of air conditioning products from Türkiye.

Turkish air conditioners are atop the technology wave

Türkiye is highly advanced in air conditioners, a primary climatisation product. It manufactures a diverse range of air conditioners, including industrial and domestic types, classic and inverter, wall-type split systems, and portable mono-bloc. Most of the devices stand out for their modern and trendy designs, as well as their energy-saving and environmental features. Air conditioners provide Class A energy performance, and for coolant use non-chlorine R410A gas, which doesn’t harm the ozone layer.