The breathtaking beauty of the Kabak Valley

Türkiye's newest attraction mesmerises visitors with its pristine beauty and historical features

Türkiye attracts everyone’s interest thanks to its fascinatingly beautiful towns. Last year, 1.5 million British tourists visited Muğla, which is one of the most important tourism centres in the country with its world-famous holiday spots, such as Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye. The number of foreigners settling in Fethiye, the so-called Pearl of Muğla, is rising steadily. The holiday town of Fethiye, famous for offering dream-like vacation experiences with its lush green landscape and sparkling deep blue sea, is home to numerous beauties. A natural treasure, a woodland, and one of the leading secret paradises hidden in the region, the village of Faralya is 8km from Fethiye Ölüdeniz and accessible by foot or by car. Visitors can walk up through Kelebekler Vadisi (Valley of Butterflies) located on the Lycian way, named after 100 different butterfly species, in particular the world-famous Tiger butterfly that lives in this haven.

Faralya is like a paradise with many natural treasures, one of which is Kabak Bay that has recently gained international fame. The bay, located on the shores where the Kabak Valley meets the sea, is situated very close to the Valley of Butterflies. It is widely speculated that no one has set foot in the valley since 1987. With its calming atmosphere, the Kabak Valley is the perfect destination for those looking for a different holiday experience and hoping to find inner peace. It’s possible to reach the bay, which has a small pebble beach that appeals to sea lovers, from land as well as sea.

Carved on a unique geological structure, the Kabak Valley will take your breath away with its natural beauty. This beauty stems from the surrounding high slopes, which have isolated the bay from the outside world, helping to preserve its unique features and allowing the area to become a sanctuary for endemic plant and animal species. There are nearly 220 different plant species in the area, and the site has been declared a first-degree natural reserve. Sixteen of these plant species are endemic to this region, and as well as plants there are rare animals in the valley. These include such species as the Indian crested porcupine, Mediterranean monk seal, Chevrotain (mouse deer), and Caretta Caretta (loggerhead sea turtle), which are included on the fully protected animals list. The Tiger butterfly, which has made the Valley of Butterflies famous, can also be seen in the Kabak Bay. A variety of activities can be enjoyed in the Kabak Valley. One of the most popular is trekking, by which visitors can discover the unlimited beauty of the landscape through guided walks. Comfortable hard-soled shoes are essential, so don’t forget to pack accordingly if you plan to trek, as improper footwear really can make life very difficult. The Kabak Valley also offers boat tours, which give those people who do not like trekking a chance to enjoy the beauty of the area and visit the nearby surrounding sites such as the Valley of Butterflies, Pirate City, and Paradise Bay.

There are many tour operators offering services to visitors to the valley, and the types of accommodation available are diversifying. Businesses offer varied lodging options such as bungalows, caravans and tents. Tour operators appreciate that many people do not have much time to explore as their holidays are short, so Faralya minibuses that leave downtown Fethiye offer frequent shuttle services for anyone who wants to take a valley excursion.

In short, with its enchanting and mysterious atmosphere, the Kabak Valley is ready to embrace and accommodate all travellers who want to have a private, peaceful and happy holiday with their loved ones