For an unforgettable holiday experience

With its historical background and the beauty of all its colours, dominated by the blue of the Aegean Sea, Bodrum is ready to play host to visitors who want to have an unforgettable holiday

The gem of the Aegean region's hospitable city of Muğla, and known for its natural beauty and deep blue sea, the history of Bodrum goes back to ancient times. The so-called “father of history”, ancient Greek historian and author Herodotus, is thought to have been born in Halicarnassus. Preserving its historical heritage until today, this town is one of the first names that come to mind when one thinks of Türkiye, with its white houses dotted along a blue peninsula formed by two ports and its famous castle, all of which carry a cozy ambiance. Bodrum opens its heart to visitors from all over the world every year and is ready to charm them with its vibrant nature. Bodrum offers a multi-cultural feast to these visitors, many of whom come from the UK, and puts a smile on everyone's faces.

“The land of the eternal blue”

Bodrum is said to leave an impression on all of its visitors. The ancient epic poet and author of the Iliad and Odyssey, Homeros described Bodrum as “the land of the eternal blue”. Each shade of blue, the colour that dominates the town, whisks one away to a foreign land. Bodrum resembles a masterpiece painting with its white houses ornamenting its narrow and winding streets, and fragrant purple bougainvillea flowers dotting the shades of blue surrounding the town. The colourful scenery is in perfect harmony with the joys Bodrum offers its visitors. One of the most famous features of Bodrum is its coves that open up to the unlimited blue of the Aegean Sea. To name just a few: Gümüşlük, famed for its enchanting nature as well as for Salih Island, which is located just across the village and known for its attractive pine forests and olive orchards; Gümbet, located just 3 kilometres away from Bodrum with its remarkably clear sea; and Bitez, unique for its number of water sports facilities.

One of the seven wonders of the world

In addition to its natural charm, Bodrum also attracts visitors thanks to its culture and history. The most famous historical heritage is one of the seven wonders of the world, the Mausoleum. Also know as the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, this famous artefact was a monumental tomb constructed for the Carian King Mausolus by his wife and his sister. The mausoleum was notable for its composition, which combined Greek architecture in its columns with Egyptian architecture in its pyramidal roof structure. Called the Mausoleum after the King Mausolus, the building gave its name to other monumental tombs with the same structure. Mainly deteriorated naturally over the years to come, some of its ruins were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle, and the site of the artefact is currently an open air museum.

The town's two landmarks: Bodrum Castle and the ancient theatre

Constructed by the Knights of Rhodes in the 15th Century, Bodrum Castle is one of the structures of the Eastern Mediterranean that managed to survive until today. Bodrum Castle is a must-see with its unusual and exquisite architecture. Used as a prison during the Ottoman Empire, the building currently serves as the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, and is the second biggest of its kind in the world. The museum is one of the most frequented spots in Bodrum. The rare collection of Eastern Mediterranean amphoras is amongst the exhibitions displayed in the 14 exhibition halls of the museum. The museum also hosts the oldest shipwreck in the world. Another gem of the Museum of Underwater Archaeology is its vibrantly-coloured glass collection. Appealing to a variety of interests with a number of exhibitions, the museum is always ready for visitors looking for one-of-a-kind attractions. Located on the slopes of Göktepe hill, smack in the middle of Bodrum, the ancient theatre combines rich history with a magnificent view, and play host to many events.

Days of sea and sand, nights of fun

For visitors who have enjoyed the sea, sand and historical heritage to the max during the day but still have energy, Bodrum is the place to go with its vivid nightlife. The town offers entertainment options for people of all ages and cultures. You can pick the one that best suits your budget: if you're on the lower end, you can check out free entertainment on the street; if you have more money to spend, you can try out one of the clubs. The coast of Bodrum has spots featuring both kinds of entertainment.