Seven shades of magic

Egirdir, the alternative tourism heaven in Isparta, the City of Roses, is captivating visitors with its cultural treasure, Lake Egirdir.

The natural wonder Egirdir in Isparta is a unique district that welcomes visitors, whatever the season. With a settlement history dating back to 1500 BC, the district offers a myriad of activities, including nature walks, climbing, camping and paragliding.

Egirdir has hosted countless civilisation since the era of the Arzawa Kingdom, and spellbinds visitors with its natural wonder Lake Egirdir, a developed tourism destination. One of Türkiye’s largest fresh water lakes, Lake Egirdir enjoys an international reputation for biological diversity and serves as a source of natural drinking water. Rich in aquaculture, the lake is an essential fishing spot for locals. It also provides a considerable share of the district’s irrigation and energy production needs.

In addition to fishing, Lake Egirdir and its surroundings are home to 225 of the 454 species of birds found in Turkey. The lake features such local species as rallidae, chlidonias hybridus (whiskered tern), and a variety of seagulls, as well as some non-migrating birds such as pelicans, swans, Gallinago gallinago (common snipe), and Aythya fuligula (tufted duck). Ornithologists are drawn to the diversity of birdlife in this area.

Seven colours of the lake

Surrounded by forested areas boasting every shade of green, Egirdir has been dubbed the lake with seven colours because its shades change every hour from day to night; its clear blue colour changes throughout the day. Visitors come here all year round, but the summer months are particularly fun as it’s possible to swim in the lake comfortably without getting cold. When it gets smoulderingly hot, visitors find comfort in the surrounding area that is blanketed by forests. The mountains that envelop the lake create this relieving climate.

Yesilada, a hidden paradise

In addition to its natural beauty, Lake Egirdir stands out with water sports and facilities that offer fun and relaxation. Visitors live out adventures with a myriad of sports such as water-skiing, diving and sailing, and can also rest at the lake. Tracking and trip enthusiasts are spoilt for choice as the lake offers plenty of places to visit in the neighbourhood and surrounding islands. Yesilada, for example, connects to Lake Egirdir with a road and this peninsula is Egirdir’s most touristy area. Yesilada is a hidden paradise with homes made out of stone and wood, and narrow streets. Home stays are available for domestic and foreign tourists on the island. Fish restaurants with a delicious range of dishes are popular in Yesilada, which can be reached by sea or land. Yesilada is also home to historic wonders, including Aya Stefanos Church and Eflatun Dede Tomb. The church is a must-see; it was built in the middle of 19th century and restored by the Egirdir Municipality in 1993. It is said that prospective Christian Greek pilgrims stopped by the church before visiting Jerusalem. Located between Egirdir and Yesilada, small and charming Can Ada is another island to see. Visitors go there just for a picnic as there are no buildings on the island. Once you arrive in Egirdir, make sure to see Egirdir Castle as well. Home to countless civilizations in antiquity, the castle has managed to survive to the present day. With a history thought to date back all the way to 4th century BC, it offers a spectacular panorama that you will never forget.