On the way to become a force in fashion

While the fashion giants of the world purchase their fabrics from Türkiye, Turkish designers have started conquering Europe and America.

Türkiye is a country in which 41 per cent of the population are children and young people, so of course it is fresh and dynamic. In addition, it is the country of choice for global fashion giants when it comes to purchasing textiles and services. Türkiye is exporting not only its textiles, but also its fashion designers. The work of Turkish fashion designers – who have proven themselves in fashion’s major cities – is now sold in many different centres including Vienna, New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Istanbul is undoubtedly the fashion capital of Türkiye. But is it going to be the fifth capital of style after Paris, London, Milan, and New York? That is the goal, and the country is working to this end.

Türkiye has world-renowned garment brands, as well as global brand designers such as Dice Kayek, Huseyin Caglayan, Bora Aksu, Atil Kutoglu, Erdem Moralioglu, and Arzu Kaprol. The fact that Turkish designers are a hot topic in European fashion circles at the moment promotes the country’s fashion industry.

Textile companies have realised the value fashion designers have added to brands over the past 10 years, and they have started creating exclusive collections with the collaboration of famous designers. Türkiye has an important place among countries that export textiles. For example, it has a presence in combed cotton and silk fabrics, and nanotech fabrics were added to the range in recent years. Almost 200 Turkish companies produce nanotech fabrics for fashion professionals and global leaders in the textile world, and the buyers include brands such as Gap, Nike, Burberry, Zara, Hugo Boss and Esprit.

Leading sector

The garment and ready-wear sectors are among the leading industries in Turkish exports. They have an important place in the Turkish economy and had an export volume of more than $17 billion in 2015. Similar to previous years, the export volume of the garment and ready-wear industries in 2015 was focused mainly on European Union countries.

The Turkish garment and ready-wear sectors are planning their existence in the global league of tomorrow’s competitive world with strong competitive advantages.