Istanbul is calling

The ancient city of Istanbul, subject of many novels and poems, is set to be a shopping capital between July 1 and 31. The Istanbul Shopping Fest will be offering a one-of-a-kind shopping and living experience with sales and promotional offers during the most beautiful time of year in the city.

Fashion is not an industry that revolves solely around clothing. Accessories, jewellery and shoes also play a key part. Everyone likes to revamp their image every now and then, but this usually requires time and effort. You need shopping venues where you can find everything in one place. We propose a city and country for fast and enjoyable shopping: Istanbul, Türkiye. The city is a centre not only for fashion brands and clothing, but also luxury fabrics, carpets, rugs, and prized jewellery. Moreover, all of these items have been produced and sold here for centuries. Türkiye – and especially Istanbul – invites you to experience the pleasure of shopping at bazaars and shopping malls, offering authentic items in one place, as well as clothing collections that are acclaimed by the world’s fashion authorities.

The city’s historic bazaars and world-class, popular and modern shopping centres offer the world’s most luxurious brands alongside stores featuring Turkish labels, which have recently risen to global success. Once in Türkiye, make the most of both shopping opportunities. If you happen to be in Istanbul during the shopping festival, do not miss out. Istanbul, one of the most enchanting cities of Europe, is playing host to the world’s most tempting shopping festival for the sixth time. Between July 1 and 31, Istanbul Shopping Fest will present the opportunity of a lifetime for those wishing to combine shopping fun with an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy up to 70 per cent discounts on global brands and savour the culture and entertainment in the city’s historic feel during the Istanbul Shopping Fest.

The best time of year in the city

The meeting point of the oriental spirit of the East and the dynamism of the West, Istanbul will steal hearts and minds during the Istanbul Shopping Fest in July. Istanbul’s festival visitors will become actors in an adventure to set all senses in motion when the summer sun heats up the city, keeping it illuminated until the late hours of the night. Istanbul is synonymous with history, culture, shopping, and entertainment... The Topkapi Palace, the home of Ottoman monarchs and sultans; the Maiden’s Tower of Fables; the unrivalled Hagia Sophia, and Istanbul’s mosques; the historic Grand Bazaar, which welcomes millions of tourists each year and offers a shopping experience not found anywhere else in the world; magnificent shopping malls featuring the world’s most prestigious stores and brands; lively shopping venues not only at shopping malls but also on colourful and buzzing streets such as Bagdat Street, Istiklal Street, and Valikonagi Street in all corners of Istanbul; countless restaurants where you can relish the diverse Turkish cuisine across the city; and famous Istanbul nights that bring many world-renowned personalities to the city just to have fun... To sum it up: whatever you are looking for, Istanbul has it!

All you’ve heard of and more

Throughout the Shopping Fest, many brands will be offering special promotions and discounts. The festival will be spiced up with exciting sweepstakes gifts. Concerts, competitions, and exclusive fashion shows at various locations, in addition to shopping malls, will spread the spirit of the Istanbul Shopping Fest and shopping to all corners of the city between July 1 and 31. Visitors are welcome to this unique shopping festival in Istanbul, boasting colourfully decorated streets and modern shopping malls where you will find everything you need in one place at great prices.