Essentials for a healthy life; fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables, which are the number-one necessities for a healthy life, have great importance for Türkiye’s economy, as well as human well-being.

In today’s world, where the population grows continuously while agricultural land and clean water resources diminish, it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain access to quality food and water. Fresh vegetables and fruits are important elements of agriculture, but they are also fundamental in providing the essential nutrients for a healthy diet. Today’s living conditions, coupled with new diseases, have increased the importance of eating well. With their high water and mineral content, plus adequate protein, carbohydrate and fat content, vegetables and fruits are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. The agriculture sector in Türkiye is important for nutrition, as well as for its contribution to employment, the economy, and its export potential. The fresh fruit and vegetable sector has great potential. Thanks to its positive climate conditions and geographical location, Türkiye exports large amounts of agricultural products to numerous countries, a notable portion of which are fresh fruits and vegetables. Production is carried out under the appropriate conditions, taking into consideration the needs of producers as well as consumers.

Vitamin source citrus is number one

The Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable sector is vibrant due to its nature. According to 2015 figures, the total value of exported fruits is $627 million, while this value reached $591 million for fresh fruits. When we look at product groups, we see that Türkiye’s most exported product is citrus fruits with $842 million. Turkish tomatoes are widely preferred overseas; in 2015, $368 million worth of tomatoes were exported to various countries. Other products that are also very popular exports are grapes, pomegranates, peppers and cherries. There are many secrets to Türkiye’s success in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. First of all, there is the variety of the country’s climate; the fact that there are many different climates in the country enables production of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The land’s rich fertility is also a factor in the production of all this delicious produce; the fields don’t just look beautiful, they grow beautiful things, too. One of the aspects of the business that helps to bring positive results is the consideration gladly given to the needs of both producers and consumers.

Reason for preference is the success in production

Among the countries that mostly prefer Türkiye are Russia with $877 million, Iraq with $265 million, and Germany with $157 million share in exports. Austria and Saudi Arabia are among the countries with an increasing export volume. France, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates are also among the important export partners. When we look at the total, Türkiye is exporting fresh vegetables and fruits to more than 120 countries. The total value of fresh vegetable and fruit exports in the country has risen to $2.08 billion in 2015. This is expected to increase year by year and reach $5.5 billion in 2023.

There are also projected steps for the next term, the first of which is to ensure sustainable growth and strategic focus for further improving Türkiye’s already strong competitive power in the global market. Türkiye is aware of its success, but it is not complacent and is searching for ways to improve its competitive strength and production quality even further.