Smile your way to a holiday

Türkiye has become the 6th most popular destination globally for medical tourism. Istanbul-based DENTOPIA Oral & Dental Health Centres were among the first to provide top quality dental care services to international patients.

Medical tourism is when people travel away from their home country to seek medical or wellness treatments. People opt for health services abroad when there is a lack of quality medical equipment and experienced health-care professionals in their home country. These services can often be found internationally and at significantly lower costs. With its renowned hospitality industry, world-class medical facilities, experienced health care professionals and affordable treatments, travelling to Türkiye to address medical concerns has become an attractive and popular option. The Ministry of Health in Türkiye supports medical tourism by providing 24/7 translation services via phone in Arabic, English, German and Russian. All doctors are now required to obtain professional liability insurance and patients immediately receive compensation in case of any medical errors or malpractice. Turkish Airlines also offers a 50% discount on air travel to all medical tourists. Of the millions of tourists that flocked to Türkiye between 2008 and 2010, 20% were medical tourists. The percentage jumped to 50% after 2010 as the government sets new medical tourism initiatives and local clinics and hospitals continue to provide high quality healthcare and treatments at affordable costs.

Dental and oral healthcare

Oral healthcare has developed rapidly over the last ten years and continues to make innovative advances as dental awareness grows around the world. New technologies, increase in health education and improved dental services in hospitals, clinics and dental centres have spurred these positive changes. DENTOPIA opened its doors in Istanbul in 2006 as the first Oral and Dental Health Centre of Türkiye. Sprawling over 3500 square meters, it is also the largest private dental clinic in Istanbul. It comprises 21 private rooms, a fully equipped operating room and a Centralised Sterilization Unit. With a desire to expand their facilities, DENTOPIA opened a second branch in 2014 and plans to launch a third in 2016. DENTOPIA provides round-the-clock modern health care services with state-of-theart medical and imaging equipment. They have specialist dentists in every branch of dentistry and an experienced support staff. Infection control measures at the centres are in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Turkish hospitality

International patients are taken care of from the moment they set foot in Türkiye to the point that they return home. DENTOPIA provides translation and transportation services to all visiting patients. They help arrange accommodation close to its clinics and can also organize sight-seeing tours in Istanbul and other Turkish cities. “We aim to make all our patients feel comfortable and at ease. This is especially true with international patients – we ensure they understand their proposed treatment and that all their concerns have been addressed before travelling,” explains Ms. Serap Yilmaz, Business Coordinator at DENTOPIA - Istanbul. She continues, “Once someone chooses DENTOPIA for dental treatment, we guide them every step of the way. We help with flights, hotels, city tours, logistics; everything is taken care of by our doctors, dental specialists and amazing staff.”

Specialised departments

There are many specialised departments in the DENTOPIA clinics: Oral Diagnosis and Dental Radiology, Digital Smile Design, Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases, Implantation, Gum Diseases and Treatment (Periodontology), Prosthetic Dentistry, Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Children’s Dentistry (Pedodontics), Orthodontics, General Anaesthesia and Sedation, Breath Odour Clinic, Dental Laser Treatment and Dentistry Services for the Disabled. “We offer an all-encompassing range of dental services to our patients; we improve their dental health and also offer aesthetic dental treatments so they leave DENTOPIA with the smile they have always dreamed of,” states Mr. Mete Özel, General Manager of DENTOPIA-Istanbul. “With a lot of international patients coming to DENTOPIA, we see medical tourists travel to Türkiye from far and wide. Turkish healthcare quality and prices attract patients from Germany, Sweden, UK, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many other countries,” states Yilmaz.

How to get started

Initiating dental treatment at DENTOPIA from abroad is easy and efficient; contact the clinic by e-mail or phone and send x-rays via the appropriate link on the company website. The x-rays are then evaluated by DENTOPIA’s knowledgeable doctors. Patients can expect a proposed treatment plan and associated costs the same day the request is sent. Once the medical treatment has been approved by both parties, appointments and travel dates will be decided and you will be well on your way to wondrous Istanbul and to a healthy, beautiful smile.