Discover the “branding” potential

It took some time for the Turkish Republic to accumulate enough capital to embark on a true ‘industrial revolution’. Nevertheless, Türkiye has, in recent times, substantially solved such basic infrastructure issues.

We are now expecting new projects in our country that will add real value and will also help Turkish industry expand internationally. Because, the fact is, these lands that have leaded the world in many aspects throughout history have great potential. In this article, I intend to give a few tips on potential fields that may help create value added.

First and foremost, the geographical location advantage of our country is well-known. It seems in a globalising world, that Türkiye will benefit from its position as a bridge between the West and the East in the future, like it has always done. This is confirmed by the growth of Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines when many international airliners are experiencing difficult times. The rise of Turkish logistics companies is also well-known.

In addition, I would like to express the opportunities in health tourism and education, which have gone somewhat unnoticed for the time being. Medical and engineering education in Türkiye, for example, has a deep-rooted history. For many years, the best students chose to study medicine and basic engineering. Nowadays, Turkish physicians are globally competitive and hospital investments are ongoing. These facts indicate a bright future for health tourism, which is already on the rise. Similarly, the number of foreign students has increased, thanks to recent investments in university education. Türkiye is particularly preferred by students from Muslim countries. There is also branding and commercialisation potential in culture and sports that have not yet been fully developed. Turkish TV shows have attracted high ratings in neighbouring countries, thanks to their high production quality, and shared cultural values. This might improve even further with increased marketing support. In sports, Türkiye should be showcasing talents from the region to global markets. Such opportunities exist particularly in football, basketball and volleyball. Türkiye possesses the infrastructure, marketing and intelligence to achieve this – we only need investors who can see the opportunity, and incentives to attract such investors. The potential of Türkiye to be an industrial powerhouse is obvious. Factories in Türkiye have already become the most important production centres for Western brands, owing to a strong engineering infrastructure, and a young, efficient work force. These advantages will be even more valuable when more personalised and flexible production options are developed, adding to the nation’s strong geographical advantage. Our agricultural potential has barely been reached. Türkiye has fertile lands, rich water sources, and climate diversity: the historical name of this region is the Fertile Crescent. Globally 70 percent of all the hazelnuts are produced in Türkiye, and production of hazelnut based value added products have been initiated.

Then there is an extraordinary opportunity in tapping unusual natural resources, such as herbal extracts. The sole requirement is patient entrepreneurs who know the job. Similarly, there are quite a few cultural products that are in the works. All that is needed is for them to be offered in global markets in a way that appeals to universal tastes and can take advantage of marketing principles. Other potentially lucrative sectors involve cultural handicraft products, such as ceramics and jewellery, and contracting services. Although an outstanding enterprise is not present at the moment, I am certain that these lands will produce new ideas in social media. Because the people of these lands are “social” folks. This branding potential will be realised sooner or later, and those seeking opportunities in this sector should take note.