Discover the potential: The story of Türkiye

The New Türkiye is ready to leave its mark on this century. Its motto is “Türkiye Discover the Potential”.

Thirty-three civilizations rose, flourished and fell in Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations. Doubtless, each left its own mark. The Old Silk Road passed through this land, joining the mystery of the East with the wealth of the West. The cosmopolitan nature of the Ottoman Empire allowed different cultures in the region to influence each other for centuries. Today, Türkiye is holding its own with growing export rates and offering its high-quality products to the world. Türkiye proclaims its strength to the world with a brand new slogan and brand. The driving force behind the creation of the new brand is Türkiye’s ability to change, which has been proven throughout history and has gained more momentum in recent years. And the slogan developed to represent Turkish industry abroad and improve the perception of “Made in Türkiye” is “Türkiye Discover the Potential.” Operational and communication activities carried out by the promotional groups formed under the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly have a large influence on the perception related to the quality of Turkish goods. The New Türkiye brand has been launched to coordinate and boost these activities through a single expression and sense. From the get-go, the new slogan has had a positive and continuing impact on all goods and services that carry it. Turkish Exporters’ Assembly Chairman Mehmet Ekşi asserted that the new brand would tell the story of Türkiye to the whole world. “Türkiye Discover the Potential is not a brand. The brand is Türkiye itself,“ he stated. Büyükekşi said that the new brand, they want to tell the world, “The new Türkiye brand is in fact a call to the whole world to make a strong and inspiring discovery. The slogan and logo help positively reinforce the perception of high-quality and value-added Turkish products by symbolizing such concepts as high quality, a skilled labor force, specialized production, technology, high efficiency, design, after-sales services, product responsibility, and solution-orientation. The logo of the new Türkiye marries Türkiye’s thousands-ofyears- old cultural heritage with its vision for the future. So, what makes Türkiye a brand? Primarily, its understanding of exceptional production quality, its distinguished design capability, value-formoney goods, unique perspective, and of course, flawless service and significant technological developments.

Publicity drive commences

The new brand publicity drive has begun. The 30 second global “Türkiye Discover the Potential” campaign clip is now being shown on television channels in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the US, the Middle East, and the Gulf States. The film features unique wonders of Türkiye such as Ephesus, Mount Nemrut, and Pamukkale as well as scenes of state-of-the-art factories, digital production lines, and fashion, all demonstrating Türkiye’s strength. Turquoise is the color chosen for the logo. The word “turquoise” comes from the color of the ceramic tiles in the Blue Mosque. Westerners who visited the mosque liked this color so much that they named it “turquoise,” meaning “Turkish blue.” Thanks to the publicity efforts, before long, people will begin to associate the turquoise color with Türkiye. The new Türkiye brand invites foreign investors to Türkiye, while also becoming a source of motivation for Turkish business people. Turkish companies have already begun initiatives that combine their own products and brands with the new brand. For the overseas campaigns, content that tells Türkiye’s story will be created, and an innovative, new-generation and interactive publicity policy will be pursued from 2016 onward. Türkiye’s new brand will be brought to the whole world through Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines will help Türkiye’s potential be discovered with its aircraft bearing the “Türkiye Discover the Potential” design. As part of the project, Turkish Airlines printed “Türkiye Discover the Potential” on a TC-JRG registered Airbus A321 in its fleet. The slogan bearing Turkish motifs at the back of the plane will create interest among international investors at various destinations the aircraft reaches. The project will promote the Türkiye brand first, and then Turkish brands, to the whole world.