Designing life

Today, design is an essential part of competition. For its part, Türkiye is ambitious and successful in designing its own products.

Even though the industrial design first appeared as a concept 40 years ago, it remains ubiquitous in our lives today. The glass we drink water from, movie posters, toasters, keyboards, chairs, jackets, cars, traffic signs, watches, toys, the page layout of our day planner... Each is a product of industrial design... In the past, the priority was durability, not style or trendiness. Today, design is an essential part of competition. With their sights set on competing with the world, Turkish companies are investing in design. Technology producers like Vestel, Arçelik, and Beko; furniture brands like Derin Design, Çilek Mobilya, and Koleksiyon; and ceramic manufacturers like Kalebodur and Eczacıbaşı Vitra all feed off of industrial design.

New technologies from the Arçelik team

For instance, household appliances manufacturer Arçelik, also known for its Beko brand, places great emphasis on design and allocates a large budget to it. Industrial design strives to both distinguish the company’s products and achieve optimization in consumer needs. Indeed, Arçelik has accounted for 10 percent of the total patent applications made in Türkiye in recent years. The industrial design team creates a myriad of products. A striking example is Telve, an appliance specially designed to make Turkish coffee. Turgut Soysal, Production and Technology Group Director at Arçelik, pointed out that they first performed cost and concept research for Telve.

Light and elegant

With its innovative product Kalesinterflex, Kalebodur achieves architectural creativity while serving the industrial design. Kalesinterflex, two-thirds lighter than other ceramics, reduces the load on buildings. It neither fades over the years nor loses its smoothness. It can be used indoors, and even in laboratories. Kalesinterflex is large, easy to process, and resistant to scratching and heat, which makes it ideal for the furniture industry as well. Speaking of furniture, Derin Design, a prominent Turkish brand, is creating original concepts that combine design and functionality.

Design examples in food

Studies prove product packaging to be a crucial criterion for consumers. Indeed, design, which is present in the processed food industry just as in every other area, has expanded its sphere of influence and is now inside the package, meaning, in the product. Türkiye came across the first example of this with Şölen Çikolata. Şölen had famed designer Karim Rashid design a chocolate, and then presented it to consumers under the name Eternity at boutique stores. However, Eti is the first company in Türkiye to create a product that is both economic and in demand. Eti designed the Karam and Tutku chocolates after a lengthy R&D process.