About Turkiye Promotion Group (TPG)

Establishing and promoting Türkiye's exporting sector and products worldwide is both our passion and mission. As Turkiye Promotion Group (TPG), we showcase the exporting power, capabilities, and success stories of Turkish exporting sectors, thereby raising awareness of Turkish goods and services. We build and manage global communications, advertising campaigns, PR, sponsorship, and events. Our overall goal is to increase the perception of Turkish goods and promote the diversity and quality of Turkish products. We are looking forward to talking to you in case of interest and support possible cooperation.

For more information, please visit https://askturkiye.com/en

Türkiye Promotion Group Board Members

Mr. İsmail GÜLLE

Mr. Çağatay ÖZDEMİR

Mr. Ö. Volkan AĞAR

Mr. Fatih Kemal EBİÇLİOĞLU

Mr. İlyas Edip SEVİNÇ


Mr. Ali Murat VURAL


Mr. Emre Orhan ÖZTELLİ

Mr. Mustafa KAMAR